Get ready for our extended Black Friday Sales

Every week thru Christmas Chromatics will feature a different Promotion PLUS join us for our first ever ONLINE LIVE Sale event held on Chromatics hair & color co Facebook page Sat Nov 28 at 4:30

Here’s the deets:
🎄Grab a snack, get cozy and go to Chromaticshaircolorco on Facebook at 4:30
🎄Special deals will only be available on this LIVE SALE
🎄Tools like curling irons, smoothing irons, blow-dry brushes will be available to preorder
at a special price
🎄 You could get a chance to get 10, 15, 20, 25 or even 30% OFF alllll of Paul Mitchell products (excluding gift sets and tools)
🎄 A Special VIP prize will be given for the person that invites the most friends to this event
( I’ll be asking how they heard about it)
🎄When we contact you for payment info we will share details on when your items will be available for contactless curbside pick up at our location in Grafton MA
🎄Gift Card deals available during the live sale only

Saturday November 28 4:30

And check out this weeks deals!

Now thru Nov 28
Now thru Nov 28

Look Good. Do Good

2020 has brought a mix of emotions, fear, isolation, remote learning, remote working and even more devastating -lost jobs and lost wages

Every year we hold an annual can drive to help support those in need in our local community to one of our favorite places who do good all year long: A Peace of bread.

This year we were hesitant to do the can drive amidst all the restrictions we have at Chromatics: limiting what people can bring in with them and entry only allowed with an appointment.

Then the realization really was weighing on our hearts that people need help more than ever. I think sometimes we forget the power of a dollar and what it can do and the lives it can touch. Every small amount adds up in BIG ways!

For every dollar you donate you will be entered into a raffle to win a basket with an Amika Blow Dry Brush, an Amika Dry Shampoo, Amika Anti Humidity Spray and some cute Fall Decor.

Look Good. Do Good Raffle to be drawn Nov 21

Ways to enter:

While our reception area is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions you can donate and enter the raffle at your next visit, call and enter by paying by phone at (508)839-0669 or call us when you are in the parking lot and we will run out to grab your donation and get your info

Together we can make a difference

To find out more about A Peace of Bread and the good they are doing or to donate direct thru PayPal follow the link below:

Send us a screenshot of your direct donation to A Peace of Bread to with donation in the subject and we will add your entry to our raffle

What are we doing to uphold our promise to do our very best to keep you safe and beautiful?

First you need to know what to expect from the moment you arrive for your appointment as this looks different in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Chromatics Reopening May 25,2020

First, the MOST important key piece of our successful and safe reopening is that YOU call to reschedule any appointments if you or someone on your household have any symptoms such as fever, cough or cold symptoms or if you have had direct contact to anyone testing positive for Covid-19. We will do the same

When you come for your long awaited appointment ONLY you will be permitted in. (Talk to your stylist if the appointment is for your child. For children 12 and under a parent can accompany them. Above 12? Let’s have our consultation and set your expectations by phone or outdoors upon arrival.

Our social gathering place is no longer a social gathering place 😦 but that’s ok … we will do what we have to do until the world heals

You may not like them but masks are REQUIRED for you and for us. They should loop around your ears (not the ones that tie in the back of the head) of you do not have one we do have a limited supply for purchase for $1.50

Per state guidelines your stylist will also have to wear masks, gloves, prescription glasses, safety goggles or a face shield and change into a clean smock every guest. Every time. Of course a clean cape is provided for every client

Our waiting area will be temporarily closed so when you arrive you will be asked to stay outside or in your car until we come out either with your name on a chalkboard like Vanna White or your stylist comes outside doing a happy dance

Bring the bare minimum with you for your beautification session! We need just your masked beautiful face. Bring your keys, form of payment and your phone. Less things= Less contact= Less for you and us to worry about

Cleanliness is next to godliness is the term I’ve heard many times in my life

As soon as you enter Chromatics STOP at the first sanitation station just inside the door and enjoy the freshness of hand sanitizer and wipes to wipe down your phone, keys and form of payment

After your all scrubbed in we will follow with a touch less temperature check (and possibly eyeball just how much work we have ahead of us lol)

Has anybody been waiting on you hand and foot while you’ve been home? No?

Let us pamper you! God know you homeschooling, work from home, essential and non essential workers, professional zoomers, doctors, nurses and teachers all deserve it

We will get your products ready for you (if we don’t have it we can place special orders weekly while we get stocked back up and call you for a curbside pick up). With our new software we can cash you out and rebook right from the chair and for those times when we must clean clean clean clean and cannot rebook right away we will call you to reschedule your next beauty session as soon as we can

The pitter patter of Laura and Emily’s feet may be a little louder than normal as they rush to complete hourly cleaning checklists and do even more laundry (of course on the highest heat settings)

The phone may be going right to the machine when you call. It’s ok! We are prioritizing safety (and beauty) protocols and we will get back to you as soon as we can

Business as we know it

Business as we know it, is going to be different for awhile.

The future of business at times for us has seemed bleak but it is as worth it as it was when we started. Our clients are worth it and every one of our team members are worth it. This dream we started upon almost 16 years ago is worth it and we will not go down without a hell of a fight!

First. We want to thank you for all of your support and thank you for every, I mean EVERY single bottle of shampoo and product that had sold. Retail sales has been a huge component in us being able to stay open and to make needs meet over possibly the next 6 months. We have always made recommendations personally for you, your lifestyle and your maintenance not to just sell a product but to offer solutions for you at home. But now, we send a plea, that you will honor us over amazon or CVS to be able to provide for your hair care needs.

During this mandatory closure we have not stopped. We have taken the time to get projects completed, started giving our website a new look, reached out to clients on a weekly basis, had countless zoom calls with our team, attended and provided online education and we have analyzed and analyzed how we could make our environment even safer than ever.

These are stressful times for so many of us but rest assured we PROMISE we will do everything we can to keep you safe and beautiful during these inside times.

Thank you again for every one of you who have blessed our business and our lives


Feb-BLAH-ary: The longest month with the fewest days in New England when those of us that have not embraced winter sports become shut ins. Dry air and manufactured heat bring frizzy hair, static electricity, dry scalp, hair and skin to new levels while sun deprivation robs our souls of our energy….

Ok, so sometimes I am a little dramatic….but combining those elements with tax prep usually leaves me with the winter blues. While I apparently have no influence on taxes at this point (besides planning which beautiful island I will escape to) here are some things that can help chase those winter blues away.

Take time for you:

Have a service at the salon you don’t normally indulge in. 

  • Treat yourself to a Nourishing and Fortifying  hair treatment. 

Begin with an amazing shampoo and scalp massage (We believe no one should suffer with winter hair so much that we have dropped the price on Fridays in February from $35 to $25 with Dani or Kirsten)

  • A 30 minute massage 

Massage Appointments are now available Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s. Jill will quickly put you at ease and lift your spirits. Your mind and sun starved soul will thank you!

  • A Scarlet Spa at Chromatics offers a wide array of services from manicures, eyebrow shaping, eyebrow tinting, chemical peels and facials to back facials, lash extensions and paraffin treatments. 

Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge and can give you a great personalize skin care recommendation to help your skin look radiant throughout winter.

Don’t have time to spend in the salon? Take the salon home with you:

  • Bring home a single dose or a full size Marula Rare Luxury Masque, Awapuhi Wild Ginger Intensive Treatment, Super Charged Mousturizer or Instant Moisture Daily Treatment. 

(Apply treatment, cover with a processing cap for 20 minutes and Viola! Your hair will think it’s already April! )

  • Take home styling products that treat your hair while you style with any of Marula Rare Oil Styling Products 
  • Try shaving legs with a Tea Tree Bar. This vegetable milled bar is infused with all the wonders of Tea Tree and will exfoliate while moisturizing dry skin! 

Still have frizzy hair?

Try an ionic  blowdyer at home. Negative Ions break water molecules down into smaller cluster so they may penetrate into the hair shaft adding hydration and shine while you style. 

Nothing beats the winter blues more than catching up with an old friend. Bring a friend who has never been to Chromatics and you will BOTH will save more! 
With so many options to treat hair and skin, February is looking brighter! 

***when all else fails blast some music and make a lip sync video- you can find ours on YouTube under chromatics lip sync***

With so many hair care products to pick from, what do you choose?

paul-mitchells-awapuhi-wild-ginger-oilWith more and more hair care products filling the shelves every year it may seem to be much more difficult to narrow down what products are right for you.

Well, with the help of your stylist and knowing what your goals are with your hair, it doesn’t have to be!

At Chromatics Hair & Color Co. we believe the way to perfect style begins with the right questions and knowing yourself. Ask yourself these questions:

Do you want:

A) I don’t care, I just want it clean

B) Volume and Fullness

C) Sleek and Polished

What is the health factor of your locks?

A) Feels good to me!

B) Way too silky, it won’t hold a style at all!

C) Out of control! Dry, Dull or Frizzy

D) DANGER DANGER – I may have some breakage!

If you answered A to these questions looks like you’re pretty low maintenance. Don’t let that trick you that just any shampoo will work. Some over the counter products can lead to dull hair that loses its luster over time. A gentle everyday cleanser is all you need. Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo One is the Perfect Fit! Follow up with Paul Mitchell’s The Detangler for anti static from carotene and instant detangling or even a light leave in like Paul Mitchell’s “The Conditioner” and you’re good to go! Prior to heat styling or air drying I still recommend some kind of styling product to protect, add shine and add a little style. Paul Mitchell’s’ Express Style, Quick Slip is a great choice for a “no product feel” and will even help your hair dry faster so you can get on with your day.

For you men out there you just can’t go wrong with Mitch Double Hitter Sulfate free Shampoo. With a hearty lather and a scent of cedar and agave you’ll never grab your girls shampoo (or that bar of soap) to shampoo with again! Color coded packaging makes Mitch products easy to find: White; Moderate Hold High Shine  Yellow; Medium Hold Semi Matte and Red: Maximum Hold Matte finish…. OR if you’re unsure just get the Tea Tree- everyone loves Tea Tree! 

If you answered B you probably think that bigger is better and struggle to get the volume you need. Paul Mitchell Extra Body products including Extra Body Daily Shampoo and Daily Rinse are sure to boost texture (while sealing split ends) with a great little dose of panthenol. Panthenol expands your hairs texture sure to give you the boost your looking for. If you’re looking for a more invigorating experience Tea Tree Lemon Sage is another great body and fullness booster: available with Lemon Sage Shampoo, Conditioner and Thickening Spray (Spray the thickener right into your conditioner in the shower to be sure locks don’t limp out!)

For all you that answered C, I feel ya… story of my life! I’ve got that big, fuzzy, curly, afro thing that happens (especially on a humid day) For our category buckle up girls- you’re going to need a complete system of products to battle that beast! lol- for level 1 fuzz busting Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Shampoo and Super Skinny Treatment are a great place to start. Follow up with Super Skinny Serum and Relaxing Balm for control and smoothing. They will even reduce drying time!  For level 2 can’t keep it calm kind of hair add in some Heat Seal to lock in that style in any weather (and probably add more serum after hair is dried and styled!) For the High Alert Level 3 Guests (you know who you are cuz you’ve still been drying your hair the whole time you’ve been reading this and you may notice your stylist is trying to regain feeling in her thumb after styling your hair. Honestly this type of hair may be needing many things : Moisture, Protein and More Moisture. Sadly as a level 3 myself I fluxuate between 2-3 different product categories:

2x week Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Shampoo, Cream Rinse and Intensive Treatment- These products moisturize, reduce frizz, seal split ends and reduce breakage! Love of my life Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil is a must as I can overdose my hair and still not feel greased up

The other 2x week I wash and condition I use products solely for moisture like Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. It calms down my hair and my mind with it’s delicious scent! And NEW to my shower is Marula- an out of this world luxury system that reduces split ends by 80%, improves condition of hair by 80%, adds 80% more shine and is loaded with powerful antioxidants!  P.S Please protect your hair from heat damage! Grab yourself some Hot Off The Press or Seal and Shine so we won’t beg you to cut off more than you want.

Is Protecting your Hair Color your #1 Priority?

Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner are reasonably priced and protect from UV rays with sunflower seed extract. Looking for the MOST color extension? Step into the luxury of Ultimate Color Repair 3 Part System: Shampoo, Conditioner and Triple Rescue- This system can extend the life of your color for up to 9 weeks while strengthening and protecting from sun and heat

For anyone that answered D… We are waiting: Call us Now and let’s get your hair in better shape! 508-839-0669

What does your style say about YOU?

think about it…….

What DOES your style say about YOU?

It may tell the world you’re shy, conservative, BOLD, sexy,confident, natural, boisterous, flirty, fun, sporty, trendy, contemporary, edgy, artsy or the girl (or boy) next door. It’s the only accessory you have with you every single day!

There’s times when you need to change it up to match your mood or your environment. The best style you can have is one that you can work with and will evolve with you from day to night, from workday to weekend. 

A good stylist will give you a good cut and a good color. The PERFECT stylist for YOU will help you discover different style options and product wardrobes that will fit your multiple personas!

I’m so excited about our salon – Chromatics Hair & Color Co. hosting hands on workshops to help you expand your At Home style options! 

The first Style EVENT will be Friday April 17th from 6-8 

Stay tuned for details!


Hair by Caryn Pierce

Photo by Europa

Make up by Andrea DiLieto  


Who doesn’t want to reinvent themselves from time to time?

Hair: Caryn Pierce MUA: Melinda Renzoni Photo:StephenKars

Hair: Caryn Pierce MUA: Melinda Renzoni Photo by Europa Photography

Cekoro Before!

Who DIDN’T love playing dress up as a little girl? I may not be the one playing dress up but boy do I love being part of transformations! To see something or someone in a totally different way.  To create a story together with the make up artist, photographer and the model.

I have had the honor to participate as a session stylist in some “themed” shoots hosted by an amazing photographer. Kim from ️Europa Photography ( located In Old Lyme Ct) occasionally hosts different themed shoots where everyday people come in and have fun becoming a different version of themselves for the day. She is an amazing costume stylist and I just love the essence of people she captures on film.  (This set had a Steampunk theme)

I show up prepared for anything. Kim has a vision before we meet on the day of the shoot and will create model boards for each customer. We share this between models, hair stylist (me) and the make up artist on Pinterest or Facebook messenger.  When we arrive magic is already in the air!

There is strangely something about the rush of the prep, meeting the model and having my hands in their hair minutes later…..working in a 3×4′ area. 

What is really cool about Kim (besides being crazy in the best artsy way possible) is she sometimes invites other photographers to come and shoot the models to get a different perspective.  ( one of the shots is from Europa and one from SephenKars Photography)

You will notice Cekoro had very short hair- the power of a few clip in extensions and an aviator hat! I used 2 wefts of blonde synthetic extensions and clipped them backwards to her natural hair, pulled the aviator cap on and gently brushed thru with a soft teasing brush and twirled locks around my fingers after spraying my hands with Paul Mitchell Hold Me Tight Finishing Spray 

Paul Mitchell Prev-You 2015

Around the world educators have been gearing up preparing and certifying in the Collections and new products John Paul Mitchell Systems is launching this Spring ( if spring ever comes back to Massachusetts) 

Here on the east coast approx 144 educators met for a 2 day training in Tysons Corner Virginia at Paul Mitchell The School Tysons Corner. ( interested in doing hair? Find a Paul Mitchell School near you!) remember how last I spoke about passion? Yes I will try to get you passionate about hair too!

We laughed, we may have even felt a little sick as our mentors and world leaders of hair gently coached and guided us thru a few of the 19 new looks we’ve been practicing for months and urged us to get up and practice our new dialogue into the microphone. 

You have to have CRAZY PASSION to be an educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems, to work so hard for success just for the gift of being able to turn around and share it with other hairstylists. That’s why we do it! To pass on a legacy of Paul Mitchell the man who started the company 35 years ago with John Paul Dejoria. ( I bet Patron sales increased in all locations that held trainings) haha

I’m not sure I can even begin to explain this process but long story short it all ends with gratitude…. Gratitude to John Paul Mitchell Systems, to our amazing leaders and coaches, and gratitude for being able to love what I do, who I do it for and who I do it with!

What gives you passion?

What is passion? Passion comes from our souls. For each of us it resignated differently. For me, It drives me like a motor, allowing me to go through great lengths to scratch that itch, to feel the power and thrill that comes when I indulge in it. For me, passion comes to me in many forms and hair is one major, obsessive passion. 

To be more specific styling hair, coloring hair, cutting hair, learning how to do something new with hair, seeing hair I’ve done in a photo shoot,  doing hair on stage and teaching about hair thru John Paul Mitchell Systems and being Co-Owner of Chromatics Hair & Color Co.  So what else is there to do but BLOG about hair!!  If you are not interested at all in hair this blog is probably not for you! If you are…..Stay tuned for periodic blogs alllllll about hair: tips and tricks;my work;people whose work I love and anything else that pops into this crazy head of mine

photo by: latest focus
hair by : Caryn Pierce make up by: Melina Renzoni